Silk Screening and Vinyl Graphics

Silk Screening | Sama Plastics

Sama Plastics uses a variety of age old and new trade practices to create the designs our clients want and need. Silk screening and vinyl graphics have become hugely popular across all mediums of industries and are widely useful from marketing to displays. So what is screen printing and how is it done?


Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh screen is used to transfer an ink design onto another surface. When this is done, a stencil is created to be placed over the object where no ink is entered. Then, carefully, a blade slowly moves across the surface to fill the open parts of the mesh.


This design technique is great for companies looking for less destructible and/or larger signage, window displays in stores or on company vehicles, and even to place graphics on special materials like: vinyl, wood, or metal. Here at Sama, we believe that the possibilities are as big as the dreams you have. Making our clients’ ideas pop to life is what we love to do!

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