Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic Fabrication | Sama Plastics

A lot of people outside of the industry ask, “what is acrylic fabrication and what can it do for me?” To start, acrylic fabrication is a process where pieces of pliable plastic are molded into a predetermined design. The capabilities of acrylic fabrication are endless— everything from the shape, thickness, and complexity of the design are able to be easily changed. Not only are the capabilities endless, but acrylic fabrication is also a great cost effective alternative to using glass — while still generating the same great results. Acrylic fabrication can be found in everything from museum displays to windshields on motorcycles to simple display boxes. Sama Plastics has helped major retailers and technical industries alike use acrylic fabrication for their design needs.


There are three main processes that can be used when creating designs: plastic welding, compounding, and plastic lamination. Like with melting, plastic welding is done by heating up the given pieces of plastic and binding them together with filler material for added strength. Compounding (also known as blending) combines two or more pieces of plastic into an amalgam (a melted mixture), and then forms them with a mold or shaping tool. Finally, plastic lamination is when a barrier is put on top of another material to improve durability and styling. Laminating is also a cost effective way to shield sensitive or deterioration-prone materials which will reduce the need for maintenance.


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