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76 years of Retail Problem Solving
Custom Store Fixtures and Point of Purchase Displays. Turnkey service: Design thru Delivery. Dependable, Competitive, Experienced


1944 –Like most companies, SAMA began in a garage. SAMA was founded by Ernst SAlomon a salesman from the Fuller Brush company, who would spend his days going door to door selling hair brushes.  At night, he would work in his garage and make related display items out of acrylic to complement his brush sales.  Shortly thereafter, he needed assistance, so he recruited his brother-in-law Max Hirsch. The name SAMA is an acronym for their names. Over the years, the business grew slowly, but steadily, and the company eventually moved out of the garage into a small factory in Union City, NJ and additional people were hired.

1978 – Marty & Gail Wolfberg purchase SAMA as both Ernst and Max were looking to sell the business and retire. They create a 100-page catalog of retail accessory items and develop a nationwide network of local distributors carrying Sama’s products but marketing them under their own name .

1979 – SAMA expands and moves into a 12,000 square foot space in the Yardley building – Union City, NJ and lands our first major national account – AT&T. We designed and developed a display for the “Princess phone” and soon thereafter, we became the exclusive acrylic vendor for all AT&T Phone Center Stores nationwide.  Several years later, SAMA was awarded the most coveted “Partners in Progress Award” from AT&T and we aggressively began working with other major national retailers.

1984 – With business booming, SAMA moves from Union City, NJ to a new 34,000 square foot facility Carlstadt, NJ.  We were one of the first plastic fabrication facilities to have both a CNC panel saw and CNC router in the industry.

1993 – Mark Wolfberg joins the company to help grow the business. He immediately recognizes the need to diversify offerings.  Over the next few years, the company’s services are expanded to include wood, metal, lighting, and other materials. Despite getting positive feedback,  SAMA is informed that although our buyers genuinely want to buy from us because the love our service, pricing, and quality, there are challenges from their accountants that ordering permanent capital fixtures from a company named SAMA Plastics is not allowed. They need us to have a company name that implies fixturing. 

1999 – SAMA Wood LLC is founded and the client base continues to grow by the new services we are now able to offer. SAMA is now able to provide turn-key solutions to retailers from design thru installation and the one-stop-shop formula receives overwhelming success by many national chain retailers.  

2007 – SAMA expands again and moves from Carlstadt, NJ to our present headquarters in Cedar Grove, NJ, boasting just over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.   Five pieces of brand new CNC equipment are purchased and Sama is now positioned as a “just-in-time manufacturer offering some of the fastest, and most reliable lead-times in the industry.

2009 to- present – SAMA has done work in nearly every industry:  retail, hospitality, office, residential, commercial, medical facilities, etc.  all over the world.   We’ve created custom store fixtures and Point Of Purchase displays for thousands of retailers domestic and abroad.  We have done work with small mom & pop shops to the most high-end stores on Fifth Avenue.  We’ve created stage sets for TV and even done work on Broadway.  We also have done work in all parts of the globe, although the majority of our work is sold right here in the US.

We are active in helping defend against Covid and are proud to manufacture 99% of everything we make right here in the USA.

While we are legally two separate companies, for branding/marketing purposes, SAMA is essentially one entity producing the highest quality store fixtures and Point-of-Purchase displays. 
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